FoxWebpages is a full service digital agency, with a team of dedicated web designers, software developers, e-commerce professionals, marketers, and video producers. We aim at establishing your company with a recognizable brand, that convinces your clients with professionalism and innovative approaches to catch the attention of the industry.

The roots of this company are in Germany, where Alvaro De la Cruz the founder began with web design in 1998.  In the following years with more experience in website design, development and internet marketing, a bigger team and new partners, we branched off to start FoxWebpages. Our headquarters are located in beautiful Miami but we have partners and agents around the globe.

We work with small and large businesses, helping them reorganize their needs and achieve strategic goals without compromising on cost, quality & performance. With our support they are able to drive their online growth, improve profitability, generate clients, and increase sales.

We realize that clients are our partners and that we are an extension of their sales and marketing team. The FoxWebpages Culture engages employees, encourages collaborations and thrives on ideas and ambitions. We are also often used as a supplement to in-house resources by our partners, providing ideas and technology expertise and human resource services on site when required. As a creative agency and marketing agency, we don’t just produce the work and “walk away”, we care about the results for our clients. We are an advertising agency that will actually listen to their needs, work diligently in collaboration with our clients, their thoughts, ideas and concerns, with the ultimate goal of generating powerful results and ultimate customer satisfaction.

Business is nothing but a big game and your competitors are the opposing teams and your clients are your fans. So what’s the goal? Defeat all your competitors and have the most fans, happiest fans, and loyal fans. We can help you dominate your competition online with a killer website, striking marketing campaigns, and brand identity.