Our All in One Package offers you a complete solution for your online presence.

Jump-start your business into its online presence by choosing this “All in One Package”! We will help you choose the right design for your needs. You will provide us with the content – and we will do the rest. This All in One Package provides you with a website, HD video, HD pictures, FREE hosting + 1 FREE Domain, E-Mails, maintenance,  Facebook posts, and many more online marketing tools. We will also provide you with a price lock which means as we add more services and features to this plan you will not have to pay more money. 

1. Website

Fox Webpages gives you an arsenal of beautifully crafted websites with predefined structures that will bring life to your project – on all kinds of devices. Now with more power than ever, we have control over advanced options that will create a perfect website experience for you. All of the elements in these themes were carefully crafted with a high attention to detail to ensure a consistent & high-end design. Unlock your contents full potential and start getting noticed today!

Some Key Features:
  • Advanced Coding
  • Clean SEO optimized and clean coding
  • Many responsive & retina designs
  • Wide screen layout
  • Contact forms
  • Video background that will will blow away your competition
  • Appointment Booking
  • Calendar
  • Hosting & FREE domain
  • 50 Directories Listings
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Premium Support

2. Perfect On All Mobile Devices

Most of our website were carefully crafted with a high attention to detail to ensure a consistent & high-end design that displays well on smart phones.  In today’s world people use their smart phones to visit website and with most of of our sites we can create a website that is beautiful both on a computer and on a mobile device.

Some Key Features:
  • Add products
  • Manage & add coupon codes
  • Shipping Classes
  • Inventory management
  • Credit card payments with Paypal or other.
  • Appointment booking
  • Calendar
  • Website maintenance
  • Hosting & 1 FREE domain
  • 50 Directories Listings
  • Mailchimp integration

3. eCommerce Website

Our online stores are a powerful tool that helps you sell your services or products from any devices. You are able to have shipping classes that allow you to set prices for different countries or states. Your clients will be able to pay through paypal or another merchant. Through the dashboard you are able to add in very easy steps new products with price variations and much more.

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4. Order Online

For our restaurant clients we have their perfect solution. We can provide you with an easy to use online ordering system.

Some Key Features:
  • Online order
  • Manage orders & products
  • Hosting & 1 FREE domain
  • 50 Directories Listings
  • Mailchimp integration
  • Online Payments
Some Key Features:
  • 5 monthly updates included
  • Access to analytical tools for over all experience
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Manage your products
  • Manage your coupon codes for specials

5. Manage your site with an easy system

Maintaining your website has never been easier! Our websites come with a powerful dashboard  that will make uploading pictures, updating your news or blog, monitoring sales, updating products and other information easy as 1-2-3! Every month we will also do 5 simple website updates for you! Enjoy the freedom of adapting your website to your product portfolio or adding current promotions or coupons and sales without being dependent on your webmaster!

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6. Facebook Connection

We will create and design your Facebook page and connect it with your existing Twitter account. We will also sync your fan page with your new website. We will help you maintain your Facebook fan page and will create 5 post per week.
Now we also offer a Facebook Login option for your website which will increase conversion. TripAdvisor sees 27% higher engagement using Facebook Login

Some Key Features: 

  • Connect Facebook page to Twitter
  • Connect Facebook page to website
  • We will create 5 weekly post for your page
  • Facebook login option

7. Twitter Connection

We will connect your Facebook fan page with your existing Twitter account. Every post you will create on Twitter will appear on your Facebook page automatically. This is a great feature and will help you create content for both social media platforms with one easy step.

Some Key Features: 

  • Connect Twitter page to Facebook
  • Connect Twitter page to website
  • All posts created on Twitter will appear automatically on Facebook.

8. Video

Our videographer will come to you to shoot your video a custom mini-documentary that tells your story. Our team is perfectly equipped with a helicopter drone, a camera crane, a flycam, a dolly track, a trolley dolly, lighting, several small action cameras, and HD cameras to even record a small video production.

FoxWebpages will create an engaging YouTube video and add a Geo Tags to help that the video will rank near the top of any online property address search. We will also tag the video with your selected keyword phrases.

Some of our gear includes:
  • Drones for areal pictures and HD video
  • Glidecams
  • A camera crane
  • Cameras
  • And action cameras

9. HD Photos

Besides the video that will be shot for you, we will also take HD pictures of your business that will tell your story and make your site more beautiful. Your pictures will be visible on Google and will help you with SEO.

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Some Key Features:
  • Capture up to 50 HD photos
  • Edit all images
  • Upload images to Facebook and Website
  • Create geo tags on pictures and of Facebook

10. Newsletter

Every month we will create and design 5 newsletters for you and send them out your E-Mail database on Mailchimp.

Some Key Features:
  • Create 5 newsletters
  • Create auto responders for emails
  • Create welcome E-Mail for new subscribers
  • Create sign up button on website
Some Key Features:
  • Easy to post
  • Schedule future posts
  • Twitter and Facebook connected
  • Share feature

11. Blog / News

You will have access to a perfect blogging / news interface that will allow you to even schedule posts for the future if you wish. A blog can be an important part of a website that will inform your customers of your business and to push and help you generate more traffic to your website.

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12. Pro Support

Our team will hold your hand and take care of the whole integration process and keep you posted on every step of the way. Our goal is to have you set up on everything as soon as possible, create an amazing video that tells your sorry and execute everything else that is offered in this package.

Some Key Features:
  • Execute this plan
  • Offer training
  • Monthly website updates and support
  • Website maintenance
  • Regular follow up consultation

13. Price Lock

We will guaranty you that we will never increase our prices even though we’re constantly adding new products and improve our services. We want to be the best in the business just as you and to do so we have to offer the best price and offer the best service. Stay tuned for our new tools and improvements coming soon.