Aggressive reality shows and unbearable psychopaths: Digest of the main psychological news of May

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What news seemed to our readers most interesting? We have collected a squeeze from five popular materials of May so that you certainly do not miss relevant scientific research.

1. To fall in love with a person, you need to appreciate his humor

This conclusion was made by researchers from the Norwegian University of Natural and Technical Sciences, the article of which is published in the journal Evolutionary Psychology. They conducted a survey to find out what techniques of flirting men and women use. It turned out: there is a unique tactic that works for everyone: if you laugh at the jokes of a partner,

this will help to tie both “one -day” and constant relations.

2. The reality show “zombies” young women-they consider male aggression the norm

Psychologists from the University of Michigan thought about the phenomenon of programs that impose gender stereotypes to the audience: men always want sex, and the main task of women is to look attractive to men. They conducted a study and found out: young women, fans of reality show, eventually begin to perceive the coercion of sex and male harassment as the norm. They considered it normal that the guy could dissolve his hands and be offended if he refused. At the same time, fans of the sitcoms belonged to aggressive male behavior sharply negatively.

3. Psychopaths become even more unbearable with age

The version that people with mental deviations over the years “burn out” and become calmer, refuted psychologists from the University of Otago (New Zealand), whose article is published in the International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology. They warn: if there is an opportunity, from people with a diagnosis of “antisocial personality disorder” (psychopathy or sociopathy), you need to run without looking back – with age their behavior, which includes deceitfulness, aggressiveness, lack of empathy, cruelty and many other worst personality traits,It will only get worse

4. Blondes choose light -eyed wives – to be confident in their paternity

Italian Paola Bressan is sure: light -eyed men for a reason choose their beloved woman, outwardly similar to themselves. The researcher proved: those who count on long -term relationships consider attractive blue -eyed, gray -eyed and green -eyed girls. The subconscious is driven by genetics and the desire to not doubt the future paternity. The fact is that bright eyes are a recessive sign, and brown is dominant. That is, if at least one of the parents is dark -eyed, the child will most likely also be born with brown eyes.

5. Highness, psychopathy and cynicism – what women from the “dark triad” are ready to love men

Psychologists from Romania, the USA and Saudi Arabia sorted out couples. They found that Machiavellism, that is, a tendency to manipulation, cynicism, exploitation of other people, does not affect the relationship of a woman with a partner. Women-narcisses-with unjustifiably high self-esteem, narcissism, egoism-also do not suffer much from the aggression of the partner, because they can easily find a new man. But women with psychopathy, that is, prone to asocial behavior, aggression and violence, more often than others face humiliations and insults.

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