Blue Moon Outdoor Center

Blue Moon offer recreational activities in a South Florida State Park. You can simple rent a bike, stand up paddle board, kayak, or join them in one of their Full Moon Kayak Tours. We have worked with BM since 2012 and are currently working on a new site. 


Web Development / Website Maintenance / Logo Design / Banners / Aerial Videos & Images  / Photos /  Promo Video / Promotions and Groupon Marketing 

Client BM website

Web Development

Over the years we have developed several websites for Blue Moon and made hundreds of changed for them. As we were maintaining their website for them, they didn’t have to make any changes. However, when it was needed they were able to do it over there simple to use WordPress website, mobile friendly and SEO ready.

Our Promo Video

We shot this promotional video for Blue Moon to help them showcase what they offer. Tim, one other the main tour guide is walking you through their services. 

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Design, Logos and Photos

Since 2012 we have worked on several design elements and worked on their logo. We have recorded a video and shot photos from the sky and on the ground. 

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