LAB Vodka

is a Boutique Ultra Premium Vodka. LAB Vodka also created a distribution company  to be able to have a better position in the market.
We have planed every step of the way with them.


Marketing Strategy / Brand Identity / Videos & Photos / Augmented Reality App Design / Logo Design / Web Development  / Website Maintenance / Bottle Labels / Banners and Business Cards   

Videos, App Mockup, Designs and more...

For LAB Vodka we have worked on all aspects of the business. Worked on their marketing and branding strategy, worked on videos and design material for all their marketing material. We discussed and planned their events, and filmed their event video. One very exciting and fun part was to develop the concept and design an augmented reality app.
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App Freatures


client lab app
client lab app
client lab app
client lab app
client lab app

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