This Newsletter Marketing software is a custom solution that is based on Laravel. The development took 5 months of hard coding. The result is outstanding including a affiliate referral program.


Custom Web Development /  Design / Logo


Development, Design & Logo

A web builder framework which combines different tools and features to build HTML newsletter templates without any knowledge of coding.

Drag & Drop Built-in Blocks

Zaapza comes with a set of built-in blocks, in this way you’re able to build your templates faster. If the default set is not enough you can always add your own custom blocks.

Limitless styling

We have implemented a simple and powerful Style Manager module which enables independent styling of any component inside the canvas. It’s also possible to configure it to use any of the CSS properties

Responsive Design

The system gives you all the necessary tools you need to optimize your newsletter templates to look awesomely on any device. In this way you’re able to provide various viewing experience. In case more device options are required, you can easily add them to the editor.


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